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Private Investigator at Prairie Wolf Investigations has provided an email address for contact.  Due to the sensitive and confidential nature and sometimes high profile nature of the cases handled by the agency, this is the manner first contact is initiated with the agency owner.  The agency owner will return the email promptly, most times within a few minutes via email or by return of telephone call from a “restricted,” “private,” or “unidentified” number.  The contact will be returned as specified by you, the prospective client, to a number or an email that you deem secure.  Please do not give the private investigator a telephone number or an email that can be intercepted by the subject of the investigation.  If the private investigator or agency owner does not return the email or telephone call immediately and it is not during the middle of the night, it will typically never take longer than an hour to receive a return communication by the method you specify.

After many years in the business the private investigator and owner of the agency has found that taking this due diligence and precaution upon first contact has prevented tainting the investigation from the onset.

Once retained, you will be given a direct dial cellular telephone number for text and voice contact with the private investigator.

The private investigator and agency owner takes your case seriously and will get back to promptly.




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