Credit Card Authorization for Hiring Private Investigators in Tucson

Once retained and after completing the Professional Service Agreement, you will be asked to sign and date the credit card authorization.  Note:  This authorization does not include the three digit code for most credit cards found on the back of your credit card, or the four digit code found on the front of an American Express card. This form does not include the entire credit card number, only the last four digits.  Once this form is received, you will be asked to provide the entire credit card number and the code by telephone by the private investigator for your security.  You will be sent a digital receipt from Prairie Wolf Investigations when your credit card is used for retainer.  If a refresh of retainer is needed at any point in your investigation, you will be asked to indicate that this is authorized by an email to the private investigator stating, “as per our original PSA (professional service agreement) and CCA (credit card authorization),” I am authorizing a refresh of retainer in the amount of $_____, to cover additional services.”  No charges to your credit card will be made without your express authorization and no services will be provided by the private investigator or agency without the professional service agreement and/or credit card authorization.


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License: 1633174
Prairie Wolf Investigations, a private investigation agency licensed in the State of AZ, and/or it banking vendors is authorized by my signature below, as if this was an actual credit card receipt signed at a credit card terminal, to charge the credit card listed below for investigative services to be performed by the agency.

I authorize the initial payment in the form of a non-refundable retainer in the amount of $_______. All subsequent charges to my credit card will be authorized in the form of an email or text message to the owner of the agency including the last four digits of the credit card listed on this form, stating that I authorize additional funds to be charged to the card in order to continue investigative services.

Name on credit card:_____________________________________________________

Billing address on credit card:______________________________________________

City on credit card:_______________________________________________________

State on credit card:______________________________________________________

Zip Code on credit Card:___________________________________________________

Last FOUR DIGITS of Credit Card:______________________________________________________

Expiration Date:__________________________________________________________

Type of Card: Circle One: Visa / Master Card / Amex / Discover

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