Private Investigator in Tucson – Case Intake Consultation

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Private Investigator in Tucson is available to spend time on the telephone and via email with you to intake your case.  This is the time you spend with the private investigator discussing why you wish to hire a private investigator, the dynamics of the case, the subject or subject(s) in question, the background of the case, and your objectives.  The private investigator will then ask you to review and sign a professional service agreement and remit retainer.  Once this is done, the private investigator has accepted your case and you have officially retained a Tucson private investigator.  An official case intake will be emailed to you outlining the substance of the interview, the objectives of the case, and any and all information that was sent to the private investigator at the request of the private investigator such as names, dates of birth or other identifying data so that it can be reviewed by you, the new client, prior to proceeding with the case.  This is a step that through experience has proven crucial in be certain that both client and private investigator understand the objectives and expectations of the retention of the agency.

You will be asked to email the Tucson private investigator at Email for Call Back and you can expect a call back from a “private” or “restricted” telephone number.  Once you have retained the agency, you will have a direct contact number to the Tucson private investigator assigned to your case.

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