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Tucson private investigators would like to explain the myriad of functions that private investigators do because as our trained private investigators find ourselves saying to our clients over the years, “it’s not like television.”

Tucson private investigators prefer to be honest and upfront about what we can and cannot do. We are regulated by state and federal laws, therefore, many of the things you see on television and many of the devices you see advertised on the internet cannot be used legally and are not “court worthy.”  As a private investigator, when I say something is not “court worthy,” I mean that if your case were to go before a magistrate in a county, state or federal court, the evidence a Tucson private investigator may collect using a modality that is not legal may not be admissible in a court of law and collection and cost of collection thereof would not be beneficial to you as a client.

Tucson private investigators are well versed working with attorneys, have many attorney clients, and are willing to work with you through your client or with you without a client.  It is always prudent if represented by an attorney to speak with your attorney first and advise your attorney that you are retaining a private investigator to assist with your case.

Tucson private investigators cannot give legal advice, we are not attorneys.  We have much experience due to our exposure to attorneys and the court cases we have been involved with but we are prohibited from giving legal advice and are not qualified to do so.

Tucson private investigators refrains from referring clients to attorneys as that can lead to a conflict of interest in many cases but if you are new to the area, Tucson private investigators will give you resources to find an attorney, at least a list of four (4) names in any given area of specialization.

The lead Tucson private investigator has twenty years law enforcement experience, is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, has been an instructor of criminal justice in numerous colleges and universities (often instructing classes on private investigations) and has owned and operated agencies for over twelve years.

Tucson private investigators are experts at case intake, analysis and planning your case in a manner that is cost effective and attempts to achieve the objective of your investigation in a legal, prudent manner.  Tucson private investigators will be certain to follow industry standards and acceptable standard operating procedures in the acquisition, preservation, maintenance, preparation and presentation of evidence.  Tucson private investigators are timely in report writing and keep clients abreast of investigations as they are ongoing, maintaining close rapport and good communications with clients.

Tucson private investigators handle domestic cases, personal injury cases, pre-dating/marriage screeening, landlord/tenant screenings, employment screeenings, fraud cases, background screenings, and corporate/commercial theft cases.  Tucson private investigators are specialized in social media investigations and internet research, including genealogy research.

Tucson private investigators find ourselves saying to clients at times that our “crystal ball is broken today,” and this is where we get into the “television” effect.  Many clients grew up watching Magnum P.I., James Bond, and other famous private investigators where everyone always captured “their man, or woman,” where all the equipment functioned perfectly in the field, where everyone cooperated perfectly and it all happened the first time

Tucson private investigators are honest.  Sometimes just when we have sat on surveillance for four days and we are following someone just about to get to the location that will solve our case, and we are “there” for all intents and purposes, a UPS truck could cut us off, a train signal could go down, a woman with a baby carriage could cut in front of us.  These things happen.  Tucson private investigators are experienced, we are honest, we do our best, but sometimes we cannot help the human dynamics that occur in the field.  It does not serve us as the private investigators or you as our clients not to say this up front.

Tucson private investigators do take hourly time stamps to prove that we are where we are supposed to be at any given time during the surveillance, we give accurate and timely reporting of any and all occurrences, we reach out to our clients for more information when in doubt to attempt to problem solve during a surveillance and we do our best for you all the time.

Tucson private investigators are not James Bond or Magnum P.I. but we do our best to be human versions of them, doing the best we can in real life situations using real life technology.

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